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My name is April Marie. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner. I am attuned to both Traditional Reiki and Karuna Reiki®. All my life I have had a strong desire to help others. I have found Reiki to be the best and highest form of good I can truly share. I have seen and experienced the many ways Reiki can help a person. I’m eager to share it with any who is willing to give it a try.


In my personal life Reiki has helped me in being able to pull myself out of my very dark time, lift me up and give me the strength to deal with my life and all the twists and turns life gives me. Reiki helps calm my nerves, helps me sleep, helps slow my brain down when I can’t stop thinking. Reiki has helped me avoid surgery on a blocked tear duct, and continues to help me manage a chronic condition I have called IBS. Reiki also gave me the courage to start and continue attending college (which I started at 31 years old). I have finished my AA in Child Development and am continuing to get my BA in Human Development. Reiki also has opened me up to more of my natural gifts, that of being an Intuitive and Empath. I use Reiki whenever and however I can. I do believe it has helped me evolve as a person and it is definitely a part of my life path.


My goals are to finish getting my degree in Psychology/Human Development, with the potential of getting my Masters as an MFT. I want to use that degree to work with and help children and families and include that along with my Reiki Practice, in essence having a very Holistic Therapy Practice. One day I also hope to open my own Healing Center, which will provide support to the local Reiki Community as well as provide healing and positivity to all who walk through the door.


My goal is to share Reiki with as many people as I can, to promote the highest good for my clients and myself. I believe in being an authentic person. Sincerity and genuineness is very important to me in business and all aspects of life. Everyone should be treated with respect and with an open heart and mind. It is my desire to assist others in bringing about the balance they need to lead their lives in the happiest and healthiest way possible.






Marja West: When I was at my lowest point, a very dark place, she was my savior of sorts. In the beginning of my true search into the realm of the spiritual, she was my first real guide. She is an absolutely amazing woman! Her energy cleanings and guidance have been gold. Marja is very gifted, strong and gracious person. Her no-nonsense way of speaking and sharing info has always grabbed my attention and endear a great deal of respect. I look up to her in alot of ways. 

Lisa Williams: After I had started watching her TV show I was so enthralled I read her first book ‘Life Among the Dead.’ In there I got a sense of what Reiki is about from her own experiences with Reiki. It thoroughly peaked my interest and resonated with me. This lead me to learning more about Reiki. Lisa is a very big inspiration to me. I was lucky enough to go to a book signing of hers (for her 1st book) and I mentioned to her that I was going to try Reiki and she said it would open me up alot. Boy did it! I also went to the book signing for her second book as well. I told her all the progress I had made with Reiki and she was very happy for me. I have a deep appreciation for what she does and stands for.

Pamela Miles: When I wanted to learn more about what Reiki was about, her book “Reiki A Comprehensive Guide,” provided me with all the info I needed to feel comfortably informed about Reiki, its origins, and even the scientific aspect of it. I have a great deal of respect for the work she is doing to get Reiki in more hospitals.

Jessica Miller: She is my teacher and mentor. After I moved to Southern California she was the closest Reiki Master Teacher I could find. After going to one of her Reiki Shares I liked her right away. Her easy going manner and creative way of looking at things really impressed me. I have taken all my classes with her. I have assisted her with her Reiki business and continue to do as much as I can for and with her. She is a superb teacher and has wonderful ideas in spreading Reiki to as many as possible.



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  1. It was a moment of grace when I found April. My mother had recently moved into home care after suddenly losing my dad, her husband of 64 years. She was confused, anxious and physically declining. My brother and I arranged for April to do Reiki with my mom. Each week she looked forward to April’s visit. Sometimes they talked, sometimes she slept. I looked forward to April’s weekly e-mail reports. One time, April wrote, that my mom spoke for an hour about visiting birds and being accepted by the birds when she went “up there.” To my surprise, a few weeks later I learned that my mom’s Yiddish name means “little bird.” My mom passed away in July. At her memorial service, a flock of small birds fluttered insistantly at the doors of the chapel. After a few minutes of their clamours activity, in which one actually flew into the glass door, they scattered to the hills beyond. I believe that April’s time with my mom, whether she was treating the atmosphere in the room or my mom directly, helped to ease my mom’s anxiety and pass more peacefully from this world.

  2. As a Reiki practitioner, myself, it’s always been difficult finding another practitioner to do “trades” with. When I first met April, I could sense what great energy she has. Her commitment to Reiki and helping others is exceptional. When I need a Reiki session, I go to April.

    • Having a friend to do Reiki trades with is wonderful. I have a good friend who is also a practitioner and we try to get together once a week (at least during the school year – she has 2 children) to have our own little “Reiki share”.

  3. Dear April Marie,
    While searching on the internet how to treat my blocked tearduct with Reiki, I found your website and I am so grateful I found it! I have Reiki 1 myself and I also am suffering from a blocked tearduct fo quite a time now. I live in Holland and the next step will be an operation to heal the tearduct and I am not looking forward to this. my question to you is if you can tell me how to treat this with Reiki. Which handpositions are best to use and how often should I do this?

    Thank you so much in advance for your reply!

    • Hi Judy,
      What I finally did that seemed to help heal my blocked tearduct, was I covered my eyes (practically my whole face), with my hands when giving myself Reiki. I held a strong intention of healing that particular problem. I did it every night for as long as I could. After a few weeks I started realizing that during that day my eye wasn’t watering as much, to the point that it stopped altogether. You could also see about having another Reiki Practitioner work on you for that issue as well, if you feel like you could use the extra boost.

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