What are Chakras?

Chakras are important, yet subtle, energy centers of the body. They are made up of the Universal life force energy that is in and around all living things. Each chakra works within its own frequency range for the energy field and physical body it supplies life force energy for. The chakra’s both draw in energy, as well as release unhealthy or unwanted energy. The balance of this life force energy within the chakras is what keeps us healthy. The chakra points are located on both front and back side of the body. The front is the receptive side while the back is the outward flowing side, respectively.

There are many chakras in and around the body, but most commonly talked about are the main 7 chakras. Each correspond with layers in the aura. There are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to each chakra.


7 Chakras


















Like the aura, energy blockages or unhealthy energy can distort the proper flow of energy, which adversely affects a person’s health and well being. When using certain techniques the chakras can be activated and balanced/harmonized. This leads to improvements in psychological stability, physical and mental health and inner peace and harmony.

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