The Reiki Charmed Collection

The Reiki Charmed CollectionI create handmade Reiki infused jewelry.

I call it ‘The Reiki Charmed Collection’

The beauty of having and wearing Reiki infused jewelry is so you can enjoy the extra boost of calm energy or clarity and focus just from wearing the jewelry. Sometimes I use semi-precious stones in my jewelry so you get the added benefit of those stones as well. I do accept custom orders. Please contact me to find out more.





A Beautiful Clectic


Here is a sample of what I have currently available to be purchased:

You can purchase these pieces of jewelry on my Etsy shop, A Beautiful Clectic.


Royalty in Rose bracelet

Royalty in Rose Royalty in Rose earrings






Circle of Peace necklace

Flower Fun

Flower Fun bracelet





jade necklaceAutumn butterfly necklacecross braceletgreen glass bracelet