Using Reiki to Deal with Change

We all know, whether we like it or not, that change is a part of life. Usually when change is brought about purposely, or happens slowly, it’s easier to swallow. Why? Because we are, or feel like, we are more prepared for it. However, most of the time, change comes about out of the blue with no warning and it might not even seem to be something that we want or are happy about. When this happens, we tend to get very stressed out and maybe even depressed or angry. No matter how much we hear that ‘change is good’ or ‘this could be a blessing in disguise’ and so forth, it doesn’t necessarily bring us the comfort we desire, nor make the change easier to deal with.

Can Reiki help?

Absolutely!! Of course, Reiki doesn’t make it possible to avoid the change that life brings us. That will happen no matter what. However, Reiki can help us process the emotions that come with change, and help us to readjust our lives and ourselves making that transition a bit smoother. Reiki can also help us bring about some needed change in our lives, if it calls for it.

Reiki works to bring us balance on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. The more in balance that we are, the easier we will handle stressful situations, even if they are thrown at us without warning. It doesn’t mean that we don’t feel the stress, or the emotions that we normally would. The difference is how we bounce back from it. We may still feel anger or sadness, maybe even get a little depressed. However, those emotions won’t take the same toll on us, or last as long. Reiki helps us manage those things, bringing us back to a better, healthier state.

Reiki is also great for being used on the actual situation. Yes, that means that Reiki can be sent to the situation or issue that exists, that is bringing on this change that could very well be making us uncomfortable. Reiki will always work to our highest good. So when we send Reiki to a stressful situation, we do it with the intention that its outcome will be as such, with a smoother transition. Reiki will not make the problem or situation just disappear, like POOF! it’s gone. Change happens to us for a reason, whether its wanted or expected. So the real idea is to use Reiki to help along and smooth out the rough edges, making the transition a bit more graceful for us. It is also good at helping us receive insight that we need, as there might be a lesson that comes along with a particular change we are experiencing.

Reiki is a wonderful tool to help us deal with all the twists and turns (aka ‘change’) that life throws our way. It will help us get through the stress, the transitions, and receive the insight we need.

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