Why try Reiki?

We all know that our journey in life isn’t free from hardships, stress, sickness, unexpected twists and turns and the like. Sometimes these things aren’t so bad and we can bounce back ok and be better for it. Then there are times when these things can really get us down and bouncing back seems a more arduous task. Severe stress can have an effect on our physical body, making us more susceptible to illness. Emotionally and mentally we get drained from stress that weighs upon us like a huge rock. We get thrown off balance on so many levels that regaining our sense of balance, fluidity, sanity, normalcy can feel almost impossible. The scary thing is that we end up feeling this way multiple times throughout our journey in life. You would think it would make it easier as time goes on but that is not always the case. We may carry around more stress and illness then we are even aware of.

I believe that stress and our emotions directly affect our health and well-being. Negative emotions can hang around us for years affecting our health, our relationships, even from attaining bigger and better things for ourselves. Being balanced mentally and emotionally is necessary to being healthy and happy. I also know first hand that it’s easier said then done. Change happens, twists and turns in life come out of nowhere. Maintaining balance is a constant effort. Reiki helps bring our mind, body and spirit into balance. Having that balance allows our physical body to heal itself properly and completely. It helps us respond to stress, change, and twists and turns from a healthier place inside our minds and hearts. Emotional and mental pain and hurt can finally subside. Having a sense of wellness inside and outside of ourselves is what we all would like to achieve and enjoy. Our quality of life is enhanced. I believe, witnessed and experienced how Reiki aids in this healing of our whole selves. This is what I want to share with all of you!

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